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SpaceApps Montreal is on !

The annual SpaceApps hackathon was kickstarted April 11th in Montreal, and teams were ready to work on the morning April 12th. And what a better place to have it than at the Planetarium?

The idea of SpaceApps is to gather those who dream about space exploration and life on earth, and solve together challenges. There are programmers, hackers, designers, and of course space fans in the same room — with the goal of presenting publicly their solution after 48 hours of hacking. In Montréal, SpaceApps is organized by TINK TANK, with the support of Google Montreal, Dynavision RS&DE, and MTL NewTech.

SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program and is happening in hundreds of cities worldwide at the same time. 

Here are the projects underway : 

The Astrorift team wants to use the Oculus Rift to visualize asteroids’s path:

Trela aims to centralize alerts and sky events, on the web & mobile phone:

Leaf Me Alone aims to determine ozone pollution levels by using crowdsourced imagery

BioMSS (for Bio Mechanical Space Suit) wants to make a wearable fabric, worn under a space suit, that monitors 12 different vital functions, such as ECG, oxygen etc. 

DIY Telescope wants to make an astronomy telescope for smartphones, by using 3D printing.

See more pictures on fb/mtlnewtech

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MTL NewTech April 1st - sold out!


We’re excited to bring a special “Innovation in eCommerce” event Tuesday April 1st 6pm to 10pm.

A special collaboration with the MTL + eCommerce group, the event features 4 startups pitching their product for the first time in public : ThirdShelf, Freshmint, BonLook and MightyCast with their NEX band. In one way or another, they are innovating in the eCommerce startup space.

We have also a panel featuring eCommerce leaders and entrepreneurs. changed how you sell diamonds online. BeyondTheRack is one of the world leaders in online flash sales. And Malik Yacoubi is VP Mobile and Technologies at Cossette and chairman at What are their thoughts on the future of eCommerce? What should people be looking for? Don’t miss it!

The event is sold out, and with more than 200 hungry entrepreneurs, programmers and eCommerce site owners, we aim to foster new connections with the #cofounders activity. Come at 6pm sharp - the first 45mn promises to be fun and fresh, as we’re going to feature publicly Instagram portraits of people looking for talent and cofounders. Maybe you will find your next engineer or your future CFO!

We will have wine, and fresh & wholesome food, and delicious mini cakes from sponsor CakeMail. Thanks to our sponsors SDEVM, Now in Store, Freshmint, SnipCart, Orckestra and Ernst & Young for making the event possible.

We are delighted to have the event at Busbud, one of Montréal’s fastest growing startup. Check them out :

This event wouldn’t be possible without our community partners that make the Montreal startup ecosystem amazing : Montreal Girl Geeks, Regroupement des Commerçants Électroniques du Québec, iNovia Capital, Maison Notman House, Jeune Chambre de Commerce De Montréal, Francogénie, Startup Grind Montréal, Startup Drinks Montréal.

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MTL NewTech and MTL + eCommerce present : Innovation in eCommerce

startups on the rise

MTL NewTech & MTL + eCOMMERCE are excited to announce the hosting of a special event, Tuesday April 1st, featuring the hottest startups, entrepreneurs and innovators in the Montreal eCommerce scene!

RSVP on eventbrite

Meet Cofounders & Talent

cofounders montreal

The evening will begin with a chance to network, and meet potential business partners and co-founders alike. We will feature profiles on Twitter and Facebook, creating new and long-lasting connections. Don’t forget to add your project name when you sign up! Looking for an engineer? or searching for a CFO? This is your chance.

4 inspiring eCommerce startups on the stage

4 startups then pitch to the 200-strong crowd: Thirdshelf, Bonlook, Mighty Cast, Freshmint. We have selected startups that are in one way or another innovating in logistics, operations, technology, mobile or some other aspect of their business. Presentations will be only 5 minutes each, followed by a Q&A. We aim to inspire, share, and benefit the community by featuring these 4 startups.

eCommerce panel : a fireside chat to learn from the best

ecommerce panel We will continue the evening with a panel on the topic of innovation in eCommerce, and how to successfully launch an eCommerce site. Featured panelists will include Pinny Gniwisch, founder of, Malik Yacoubi, VP Technologies and Mobile Cossette and Richard Cohene, Marketing at Beyond The Rack.


  • 6.00pm Doors open. Meet cofounders & Talent
  • 6.45pm Beginning of presentations
  • 7.30pm Panel : innovation in eCommerce // eCommerce launch
  • 8.15pm Stay for networking !


The official hashtag for the event is #mtlnewecom on Facebook or Twitter . Check out the buzz



We are excited to have the event at Busbud, one of Montreal’s fastest-growing startup.


MTL NewTech is sponsored by SDEVM

Thanks to FreshmintErnst & YoungSnipcart, and Orckestra who are sponsoring the “Innovation in eCommerce” event. 

sponsors ecommerce 

MTL + eCommerce is also by sponsored by LeSite, Shopify, Ernst & Young, Now in Store, Ecritel, & Optimal Payments


Thanks to our community partners that make the event possible :


MTL NewTech 

MTL + eCommerce

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MTL NewTech brings Montreal startups to Pycon Startup Row

mtlnewtech pycon

MTL NewTech is partnering with Pycon this year to bring one lucky Montreal startup to Pycon, to present alongside with Google, Facebook, Stripe, heroku, Microsoft, Mozilla and many other technology companies.

Tuesday March 4th, we’re inviting Montreal startups to present their startups to a panel of investors and VCs. Presentations will last 5mn, including a demonstration of the product. There will be various startups at various stages of growth, from new startups looking for traction to growing startups. Statups presenting should be less than 2 years old, less than 15 employees, and must use Python in one way or another (front-end, back-end, etc.).

In addition to the official booth at Pycon, the winning startup will also win a ticket at the International Startup Festival, in collaboration with Startup Festival.


Get tickets


MTL NewTech Pycon edition will be hosted at Café République March 4th from 6 to 9pm - a now classic venue for Startup Drinks and MTL NewTech.


  • 6:00pm Doors open
  • 6:30pm Event Presentation. Each startup has 5 minutes to pitch, including a demo. Expect 1 or 2 questions from judges
  • 7:45pm End of presentations. Judges deliberate
  • 8:00pm Announcement of the Startup selected for Pycon
  • 8:00pm Stay for networking! 

Compared to previous events, we won’t have Q&A from audience and there won’t be community announcements either, due to time constraints.


Phil Telio - Startup Festival
Gabriel Sundaram - Real Ventures
Guillaume de Tilly-Dion - SDEVM
Sean Brownlee - RHO Ventures
Daniel Drouet - Mentor FounderFuel, co-founder Ajah



Event sponsored by SDEVM - SDEVM provides technical and financial services for startups and existing small and medium-sized businesses in the Ville-Marie territory.

Event sponsored by Fasken Martineau

montreal python
In collaboration with our friends from Pycon and Montréal-Python

inovia capital startup festival

Supported by iNovia Capital and Startup Festival


The event is co-organized by Heri Rakotomalala (MTLNewTech), Yannick Gingras (Pycon), Mathieu Leduc-Hamel (Montréal-Python)

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Startup PR: What to do, and what not to do when pitch to tech journalists

Every two tuesdays, Steven Milstein (@stevenmilstein) organizes the Startup Breakfast Club, where entrepreneurs can meet, pitch their idea and startup, and learn from a keynote… while having breakfast!

Hosted at RPM Startup Centre, the event is an original recipe that gathers an early crowd, ready to share their pitches and learn. The meetup also gathers various entrepreneur-focused organizations.

Tuesday 11th Feb 2014, Julien Brault (@julienbrault), technology journalist at Les Affaires, gave a keynote on what to do and what not to do when you pitch to a journalist. Julien Brault has been covering tech companies and startups for the past few years and he has seen CEOs and startup co-founders do very basic mistakes.

One of the first rule is that you have to accept all interview requests, any time of the day and the night. The CEO and representatives of the company must be available on the phone and email with a response as soon as possible. Don’t be busy in meetings, on a plane or away on holidays! So if you want to be in the news, make sure talking to journalists is a priority.

Julien also highlighted that you should be able to explain what your startup does and its impact to a 5-year-old kid. If it takes fancy words and complicated graphics, it’s not ready yet to make news. Also don’t assume that journalists understand your techno-babble, algorithms, and details of your technology stack. Focus on what it does in very practical terms and what makes it news-worthy.

julien brault les affaires - montreal startup breakfast club

Speaking of news-worthy, for each journalist that you pitch to, you must offer something exclusive, such as being the first to cover, the first to try out a prototype, or unique numbers & insights that you will not reveal to other journalists. Julien doesn’t advise to pitch for instance that you are being covered by other media, focus solely on the journalist and outlet and say what you are going to give specifically. Reading the journalist’s previous articles and making sure you understand his/her angle, and his interests help a lot to build that 1-to-1 rapport and make sure you say the right words that are going to make the journalist move.

One point that many startups forget is to have a media kit with photos of the cofounders illustrating the product and the industry the startup is in. If it’s a sports-focused website, having the CEO with a foot ball in his hands goes a long way, instead of generic photos.

Journalists are always looking for a good story, so if you can highlight any conflicts, such as “small startup is going against Apple”, will attract journalist’s attention. If there any names and dramatic aspect, highlight them.

One last point in Julien’s presentation was how you can position your product in the future and why it matters, even if the startup might not have as much impact in terms of number of users right now.

Reference : 

Montreal Startup Breakfast Club

Julien Brault on LesAffaires - Twitter

Photo by Heri

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Nominees for entrepreneurship program in US Embassy, Ottawa

What: The U.S. Embassy in Ottawa is seeking nominees from Montreal to participate in a two day program on innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Where and When: The event will take place in Ottawa at Ben Franklin Place (aka Nepean Centrepointe) which is where the American Corner/Makerspace is opening in April. Time frame is mid-May to mid-June for this event.

Costs, namely food and transportation, will be covered by the U.S. Embassy

Who:  The program will be a Startup Weekend / Techcamp style event. Like these models, it will be a highly interactive and participatory event. Typically, there are no observers, only participants. Specifically, MTL NewTech has been asked to introduce names of Montreal technologists and experienced entrepreneurs who can serve as mentors and experts to present, guide and lead sessions on technological solutions to the challenges faced by would-be entrepreneurs. 

The program will be on the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship, and how technology can provide answers to help grassroots makers and innovators become aware of some of the new and emerging technologies that can help them build digital capacity and, eventually to become viable commercial enterprises. 

The program is intended to help bridge the gap between innovation and entrepreneurship and to bring together U.S. and Canadian technologists to work together in helping to develop entrepreneurship among Canadian youth.

How : if you are interested, please email as soon as possible with what startup you are doing (optionally your CV or linkedin).

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Montreal NewTech with Syme, Modreal, ListRunner, Bylls

Montreal NewTech demo #62 is scheduled tuesday 14th at Café République. RSVP on twtvite

Startup Failure

For this first edition of 2014, the first 30mn will be an open mic session for anyone who want to talk about startup failures

The idea is to stop being afraid of failures and start embracing it. 

We invite technology entrepreneurs, developers, investors, designers to tell about their own past failure, study it so that everyone can prepare for success. Did you have a system that crashed the day of the launch? Or maybe you thought your idea would be the next Facebook but only got 100 users? Did you have a deal that went through? We all have founded, worked or invested in startups that failed. This is the time to tell the audience what didn’t worked, what were the wrong hires, and when you decided to let things go.

So come have a beer with us, tell your story, so we can learn from mistakes and build something bigger next time.

Happy Startup Year 2014! 

The lineup

  • Syme (@symeapp) : Share privately with groups
  • Modreal (@modrealfashion) : Your personal online lookbook. 
  • List Runner (@listrunnerapp) : List Runner is used by doctors to make rounding and handovers more efficient.
  • Bylls : Bills payment services with Bitcoin

Event format

  • 6pm: Doors open. 
  • 6:30pm : StartupFail. Open mic for those who want to share tales of failures, so that we can embrace failure and learn from it. 
  • 7:00pm: Presentations. Each presenter will have 5 for the demo + 5 for Q&A. At the end of the presentations, anybody can make a 30sec announcement to the group: jobs, upcoming projects, other community events
  • 7:45pm : stay for networking ! We expect a lot of the tech crowd at this first 2014

Sponsored by SDEVM

The SDEVM, a Centre local de développement (CLD), offers and coordinates front-line accompaniment and networking, as well as technical and financial services.

For more information, and to discover other community initiatives and past events, check

RSVP on twtvite

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MTLNewTech // StartupStache Edition

For the december NewTech, we’re featuring StartupStache, a initiative started by the startup community to help bring awareness to prostate cancer. Join David Nault, JS Cournoyer, Frederique Chenevert, Heri Rakotomalala, Peter Davinson and many others here.

If you have a stache hold off on shaving it until Dec 3, since we are going to crown the best Startup Stache of Montreal. There will be prizes for the “best” and “lamest” stache so everyone is welcome.

For this edition, we will be at Café République, 1200 Peel Street. The Café is on St-Catherines/Peel with beer and space to welcome everyone

RSVP : Event link

The lineup

  • NeptunePine : The smartwatch that changes the game. Finally
  • LightSpeed : Serious Retail Made Simple
  • Now In Store : The Sales Tool For Makers.
  • Breather : Peace & quiet, on-demand.
  • Ballista : Unified analytics and reengagement platform for mobile applications enabling better ROI for mobile apps. 
  • reelyActive : Context-As-A-Service

Event format

  • 6pm: Doors open. #startupstache showdown
  • 6:45pm: First presentations. Each presenter will have 5 for the demo + 5 for Q&A
  • 7.30pm At the end of the presentations, anybody can make a 30sec announcement to the group: introduce yourself, share what you’re working, jobs, or other events in Montreal etc.
  • 7.30pm The audience will cheer for the best stache!

Sponsored by SDEVM

The SDEVM, a Centre local de développement (CLD), offers and coordinates front-line accompaniment and networking, as well as technical and financial services.
RSVP : Event link

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Photos MTLNewTech #60

Tuesday Nov 5th was the 60th edition of Montreal NewTech. Running as far as Sep 2008, the latest edition gathered pplconnect, crowdbase, lagoa, bitcredits and Vancouver startup venuespot. The few pictures showcase the founders: Montreal NewTech 60 - pplConnect

Jenviev Azzolin and Denzil D’Sa, co-founders, presents the innovative startup pplconnect 

Montreal NewTech 60 - Lagoa

Dov Amihod is CTO of 3D application on the cloud lagoa

Thanks to SDEVM for sponsoring Montreal NewTech and CENTECH for hosting.

Photo credit Heri

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MTLNewTech 60th edition with lagoa, crowdbase, lightspeedretail, bitcredits

We’re celebrating 60th edition, after 5 years of monthly new tech events!

The Montreal NewTech Demos is a monthly free event where five new startups demo their latest product for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes Q&A. Over the last 5 years, 230 startups have used MTLNewTech as a launch pad, unveiling their technology and product for the first time to an enthusiastic crowd.

Growing from humble gatherings to now sold-out events, we are now proud to help build a stronger Montreal startup scene, and connect tech entrepreneurs with engineers, investors, designers, and students.

Come celebrate the 60th edition with us!

When : Tuesday Nov 5th 6pm-9pm

Where: CENTECH, 400 rue Monfort


The lineup

  • pplconnect (@ppl_connect) lets you access and use your smartphone from any device, without changing a thing.
  • crowdbase (@crowdbase) is the next generation knowledge base
  • lagoa (@lagoa) is a 3D Application Cloud platform
  • LightSpeed Retail POS (@lightspeedretail) is serious retail made simple
  • (@bitcredits) is a bitcoin payment processor for online commerce

We’re currently looking for additional startups wanting to demo: apply here

Event format

  • 6pm: doors open
  • 6:45pm: First presentations. Each presenter will have 10min (5 for the demo + 5 for Q&A)
  • 7.30pm At the end of the presentations, anybody can make a 30sec announcement to the group: introduce yourself, share what you’re working, hiring, looking for a job, other events in Montreal, etc.
  • 7.30pm Stay for networking!

Sponsored by SDEVM
The SDEVM, a Centre local de développement (CLD), offers and coordinates front-line accompaniment and networking, as well as technical and financial services.

Pierre Lafferrière will present ETS’s new entrepreneurship program and the possibility of earning a $20,000 grant.

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